Boost Your Business With YouTube Ads

While great content is always to be found, it is also equally important to be proactive in educating potential and existing customers about your company and its products and services. Conducting a series of YouTube advertisements is one means to ensure that more of your target audience discovers the video content that you have created. There are a number of methods to increase viewers to your videos, but what if you are already established? Does it still make sense to invest further into your current content? The answer to this is most definitely yes.

One of the easiest ways to keep viewers coming back to your site and YouTube channel is through discovery ads. Discovery ads are essentially sponsored videos that play right at the top or at the side of a user’s usual viewing path on YouTube. They are usually small promotions for upcoming products, services, and discounts that are only available for a limited time. For example, you may find yourself watching a cooking show with a beautiful woman who is speaking about the ins and outs of a particular type of cuisine. As she demonstrates the techniques, you might get an ad for a local kitchenware store right at the top of the page! By playing the ad during the show, you are not only serving up another viable source of information, but you are also introducing your business to the viewer in a way that is subtle and familiar.

This is just one example of how discovery ads can help bring new traffic to your website and YouTube channel. Other common discovery ads are ones that appear at the bottom of a video. These include things like infomercials or commercial breaks that take place before the actual video itself. They are not as direct as the ad above, since they don’t actually link directly to anything, but they do provide information to viewers as they are viewing the video.

Brand discovery ads are very helpful as well. If you own or manage a large brand, such as a designer, eyewear store, or clothing company, then you know how much visibility you receive from any one single ad. Even if your videos get few views, it doesn’t really matter because those views will mean that someone else saw something that caught their eye. But, if you haven’t really had a lot of exposure or a large brand to begin with, then suddenly seeing ads for other things can be quite shocking. Your channel or website could suddenly seem a whole lot more interesting and helpful.

YouTube ads targeting a specific audience can also have a dramatic impact on your conversion rates. For example, if your target demographic is 18 to 34 year-olds with a somewhat common income level, then you know that your ads need to have a certain degree of sexual content. This is true whether your videos are humorous or completely serious about a specific lifestyle choice. The important thing to keep in mind is that the more general your targeting is, the lower your conversion rates will generally be.

So now that we’ve discussed general ideas of what makes a great YouTube ad campaign, let’s talk about some of the specific targeting options available to you. To begin with, you can choose to use a YouTube search engine for your video targeting. The results are likely going to include a large number of ad networks and programs to choose from, so it can take a bit of time sorting through them. In general, though, the best ad networks are those that focus on health or wellness as their target market.

You can also opt to buy CPV or pay per view traffic directly from YouTube. There are some advantages to this strategy, which you’ll read about below. However, when purchasing CPV or pay per view traffic, you want to ensure that the ad campaigns you are buying are ones that have a high click through rate (CTR). Otherwise, you’ll simply be wasting your money on low-end ads that won’t actually generate any sales for you.

You can also choose to run both YouTube video ads and text ads on your website. The choice will depend on how many views your website receives and how targeted your audiences are. For instance, if you have a website that is primarily known for offering beauty tips or home remedies, then running both ads on your website would probably be more productive than simply placing a single video ad on your site. Again, the effectiveness of video ads will depend heavily on the audience of the site, so it is important to ensure that you use the right targeting options for your video ads and your website. That said, you can see that YouTube video ads can help boost your bottom line, especially if you’re willing to invest the effort in creating relevant ads that will be viewed by your target audience.